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I work as an executive, career and outplacement coach with this Swiss HR Consulting Group, that has a team of more than 80 dedicated professionals for a solution-centered and customer-focused consulting approach. Highly experienced proactive consultants and coaches with solid business backgrounds and valuable experience in cross-borders projects.


I am a mentor at this Business Network for Women Entrepreneurs, Executives and Board Members.

I'm a member of this pool of coaches. This pool supports you in finding the exact fit of experts, when planning your consulting or HR development project.

The online Coaching and Mentoring platform built for professionals.
Manage your Coaching & Mentoring practice online.

My other website

Loads of paintings, sculptures, some interdisciplinary projects and more.


Websites that I can recommend

Alternative medicine for your pet. If you have a dog, I can stroingly recommend this lady, she ahs a lot to offer.

A fellow creative, whose approach I like and share. We have worked together and I'm happy to recommend her in the Zug area.

Ganzheitliche Heiltherapie,Geschäfts- und Hausräucherung,Heilpflanzenkurse,Räucherkurse (works mostly in German- wholistic healing, clearing spaces with smoke, courses and events with medicinal plants)

Conncets people working with sound and is a platform for artists, producers, instrument makers, sound therapists. 
Also posts sound happenings of any kind, including sound meditations.

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