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 A reader says:

"Tessa's book has opened my senses to the mysteries of the universe and given new meaning to "a great cup of coffee"! A quick and intriguing read, written in a fireside-chat manner, she shares personal experiences, mixing spirituality, science, philosophy and imagination, which draws one in and makes one ponder....Does the universe operate on happenstance or a master plan? Tessa furthers the reader's journey into the unknown by providing experiments to try, which are sure to give one a new view of the world around them! Coffee anyone?

Deja-vu, or destiny? Chaos, or circumstance? Spiritual, or scientific? Grab a cup of coffee, settle in and enjoy the journey that Tessa's book will take you on. Guaranteed to shed some light on the energy of the universe and how it affects our lives, Tessa shares personal experiences along with stories of others, to illustrate the magical, spiritual, scientific world we live in. Actually learning to read coffee grounds is like dessert after a good meal. Enjoy!"

Amazon 2013



This is the tale of a woman’s journey from classical music to reading coffee grounds. Sharing her insights on the mysterious inner pulse that weaves magic into each of our steps, it also offers helpful experiments for those readers who wish to experience this in their own lives, focusing on images as a useful tool for communicating with universal intelligence.

As a teenager, Tessa Richter gets high on classical music. Even smoking hash cannot equal this experience. Studying music to become a professional musician, noone speaks of this. It is all about the right technique, intonation and dexterity. This launches her quest for inspiration, spirit and meaning in a modern world, and takes her to India, Nepal and the Native Americans, where she experiences how culture and cult are linked together. All the while exploring other states of consciousness, such as meditation and shamanisitc trance, both in in the West and the East. She learns about modern physics as a basis for another view of the world, and starts a career as an artist, where she discovers the power of images, colours and symbols. Starting out originally in search of inspiration in music, she finds that spirit is everywhere, not just in art.

If we invite it into our lives, it will guide us, inspire us and make our lives worthwhile.


Tessa has been featured on national and local Swiss TV and radio, and on German TV.  

Her book is available as an e-book on amazon: The Intelligence of the Universe in a Coffee Cup