Energies of nature and inspiration for home and work space

Get the benefits of spending time in nature by hanging a painting on your wall!


sihl im sommer.jpg

Like going for a walk in the woods or spending time by a river...

and coming back invigorated and full of fresh ideas


For those of you interested in the new field of biogeometry - the measuring and harmonious balancing of energy quality exchange-, Tessa has had her paintings tested for energy and the effect they have on people and the results were fantastic!

She says: “I was so thrilled that many were highly rated for their purity and spirituality and the landscape paintings achieved maximum points on all levels: physical, emotional and spiritual”.



Browse through my paintings below. If you see anything you like, contact me to buy the original or a print.


“Script-Signs-Harmonics” - Earth – acrylic paint - photos - sailcloth – bamboo

schriftzeichen1-schnitt.jpeg           schriftzeichen3-schnitt.jpeg


This series is the first that I painted in acrylic on sailing cloth, hanging from a bamboo. It was created between 2008 and 2009 and was inspired by the question that fascinates me: how did signs evolve into writing? What is the connection between nature and scripts of various cultures? How do signs combine into harmonies to become scripts?


“Completing the Picture”- Earth - acrylic paint - photos - canvas - bamboo

The philosophical background for this series is that reality is closely linked to perception and that we perceive selectively, as demonstrated by modern quantum physics. The smallest units are both waves and particles. When observed it becomes a particle in space and time and thus real. Perception creates reality. We each see our own individual picture, thus creating our own image of the world.

This also refers to the invisible aura of a place. That which we sense: the spirit of a place. Nature is alive. It speaks to us. In these paintings I set out to make the spirit visible, tangible, for everyone to see.

I take photos of places that are magical or already special to me. Lots of photos from different angles: long distance and close up. I then work them up into a picture by painting the gaps between fragmented photos with my own interpretation of colour and perspective. [Tessa – we need to add something about the 3D element/texture]. The scene is no longer a direct reproduction of reality, but has become my own personal interpretation of the place.

Enter your own world in each of these paintings. Meander through the magical scenery ... and bring the vitality and healing energy of nature into your home. Enjoy the invigorating and recuperating effects of going for a walk surrounded by nature, which are well-documented, even when in the comfort of your own home.


land of the lakota-schnitt.jpeg

Even better, you may be able to have your favourite place interpreted by me in this way – I love to travel or maybe you can send me photos to work from.


“The Pulse of Things” - Acrylic paint - photos - wood, rind etc.

In this series, I explore how faces, figures and shapes reveal themselves everywhere in nature. The inner pulse, perhaps even the "spirit" of a tree or a spot of snow manifest in an image. The pictures you see in my paintings actually appear this way in nature. All I do is photograph them and set them into a context - I allow them to expand into their surroundings by painting a "continuation", or I tear up photos and complete the gaps.


These were figures I saw in stones. I took photos, and printed them with slightly sturated colours. To finish, I extended the edges by painting. This series creates good vibes at the entrance to a home: the angel and dog are protectors and the heart inspires warm communication.


Modern Mandalas

The idea of painting on a round grounding was born from the desire of having the same natural limiting space on all sides. the round shape also corresponds to the earth, our living space, the planets and images in mystical traditions (mandalas).
I had explored shamanistic techniques in various cultures for many years. Geometric figures appear in many of them as in ancient traditions.

Universal symbolic elements, playful reminiscences of tribal images in a modern shape.


astarte-bearb.jpeg         indianische spiele-bearb.jpeg


Try a new way of seeing, of perceiving: an unfocused gaze allows the figures to „jump“ into different dimensions.

To feel the effect of an image look at it, allow it to communicate directly, on a cellular level with your body. Feel the change. Look for differences in your breathing, temperature, muscle tension, lightness/heaviness of your body, as well as possible thoughts, associations or feeelings that come to mind while looking at it.

You can also find your own meaning for each image:

Look at it and try to intuitively sense what it is telling you with regards to a specific question, a problem or a situation. Resonate with it, communicate with it in your own personal way and let it respond. You may get an answer in words that you hear inwardly, through thoughts crossing your mind, ideas that pop into your head, other images, sensations or insights. Just be open to receiving ist message.