Images speak to us

Connect to your inner pulse through pictures

Images carry multifold information, modern science contends that we store information/intelligence in images. They also carry energy and speak directly to the archaic part of our minds, deploying their subtle and strong effect and acting as guides and inspiration.



Connect to your inner pulse through your favourite picture. Understand how it is a reflection of who you are, where you're at at the moment and where you wish to go. Find guidance, purpose and meaning in your current life situation and help in changing perspective and seeing the larger picture. 

Images inspire a new and different view of topics we are currently dealing with in our lives. They provide useful information and enable access to that part of the brain that is not accessible through thoughts and analysis alone, thus helpng us find creative solutions.

One question picture reading

Send me your (current) favourite picture and a question that is on your mind. I will decode the picture's meaning, translate it for you, and thereby give an answer to your question that touches on who you are, where you are at present, and what influences are at work in the situation you're asking about.


Learn to decode the language of images and experience what effect images have on us. Use images positively in every day life, explore the hidden information and allow them to inspire and guide you. Find out how to use images to communicate with your inner wisdom, your life, with clients, and any questions you may have regarding a situation.