Images speak

Learn the language  and speak the language

Images carry multifold information, modern science contends that we store information/intelligence in images. They also carry energy and are messengers from other dimensions. Omnipresent in our every day lives, as inner pictures and dreams, and in the outer world, images speak to the archaic part of our consciousness and it is there that they deploy their subtle and strong effect.

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We will decode the language of images, deal with different aspects of perception, experience what effect images have on us, and learn to utilize them positively in our every day lives, as well as with clients.

We will allow the images to inspire a new and different view of themes that we are currently dealing with in our lives. Through the images we will recieve useful information and creative solutions.
We will also reflect on how we co-create with life and universal intelligence, using images and imagery.

Communicate with your inner wisdom, your life, with clients and groups. 


How it works

The right side of the brain is the creative one, which is activated when we draw or paint. It is here that the primitive memory is located, where raw information, data, numbers and facts are stored. Every human being, without exception, stores all his or her sensual impressions in their memory, but we only access important ones. Only about one percent of our ability to memorize consciously is used.

The left half of the brain is the logical, analytical half, which controls the right half, and filters the raw data of our subconscious. It only allows relevant information into the conscious part of the brain, and thus prevents an overexertion of our brains, enabling us to make decisions faster and more intuitively in our everyday lives.

Through images we can activate the creative part of the brain, the memory bank, and access all the data that is stored and normally inaccessible. We can receive comprehensive information about a situation that goes way beyond what we consciously know.

This information is useful for decision making, creative solutions and can provide guidance in difficult situations. Images can also activate power and unused potential, not accessible through words alone.

Images are also a great way to connect to our inner pulse.