Our secret potential for health and top performance on a whole new level

Are you successful, but unhappy and feeling like something is missing?
Are you a high achiever, but paying too high a price for it?
Feeling burnt out, anxious, stressed?
Or facing a life crisis, such as losing your job or health issues?


Just as music with its beautiful melodies, catchy rhythms and harmonies is held together by its inner pulse, so are we. It is what gives us our unique drive and purpose. This pulse is connected to the world around us, to others and to life itself. 

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Each one of us is unique, no two people are alike. We are defined by our background, perception and talents. Often, we use only those aspects that are acceptable to the norm and people around us. By doing so, some of our most precious potential is not utilized and can go stale. This creates emotional and physical problems and ultimately leads to more serious health problems.

It also means we are not achieving what we could be, performing at a lower level than what is possible. In work as in business, we seem to be still operating with an outdated model of human beings, one based on a mechanistic idea of the way we function, believing that to achieve more, we need to work harder and longer hours.

In the age of AI and all it entails, it is time to radically rethink who we are and what we are capable of, so we can access hitherto unused potential. Intuition, inspiration, empathy and creativity are some of our core competencies, which we have not learned to trust and utlize fully. Few of us have learned to listen to our own heartbeat or that of our life.


Together we will create spaces allowing you to connect to that inner pulse, to find your purpose and create well-being while performing at a high level.

  • Improved health
  • A greater level of fulfillment
  • Success in all areas of life
  • Reaching full potential to perform on a higher level


More about Tessa Richter 

Tessa is a career and executive coach, specialized in aiding professionals who have lost their jobs or face health issues. Her INNERPULSE coaching programs help them to find purpose and regain well-being, as well as to perform at the highest level.

Before starting to work in the business arena, Tessa was a professional classical musician, performing at a high international level, composing and teaching for more than 30 years. She also worked as a professional artist for over 20 years, during which time her work was exhibited internationally. Having successfully changed careers and built several of her own businesses, she has now become a sought-after coach for outplacement or business people of all levels, from C-level to highly trained specialists. Her experience working with professionals in crises, as well as her own healing from major and minor illnesses, have led her to see the strong correlation between living one's purpose, health and top performance. Today her coachees range from high achievers and business professionals to creatives.

INNERPULSE byTessaRichter 

40 years exploring and teaching the benefits of music, meditative states of flow, artistic creation, imagery, self-hypnosis, mindfulness, meditation, and mindset techniques. Coaching professionals to find their voice, meaning and purpose, and to perform at top level. Coaching individuals and groups on how to deal with stressful situations and change, and reframe crises in a positive manner to enhance their professional life and health.




Member of the Basel Health and Wellness Coalition and Holistic Health Practitioners Switzerland

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