As an individual, or a team,
do you get carried away and overwhelmed by the external pulse of your life,
by all the demands put on you,
and being online 24/7?
Would you like to step out and connect to the inner pulse of your life?

Just as music with its beautiful melodies, catchy rhythms and harmonies is held together by its inner pulse, so are we. It is what gives us our unique drive and purpose. This pulse is connected to the world around us, to others and to life itself.

Together we will create spaces allowing you to connect to that inner pulse, using music, creating art, practising mindfulness and heartfulness and guided meditations.
Find purpose and create what matters.



  • Improved health
  • A greater level of fulfillment
  • Success in all areas of life
  • Reaching full potential to perform on a higher level



 Our tools and processes - simple, accessible, cost-effective and sustainable.


One of our customized tools : Your INNERPULSE sanctuary recharge, change the blueprint of your life and make changes.

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More about the topic

Each one of us is unique, no two people are alike. We are defined by our background, perception and talents. Often, we use only those aspects that are acceptable to the norm and people around us. By doing so, some of our most precious potential is not utilized and can go stale. This creates emotional and physical problems and ultimately leads to more serious health problems.
We are also driven by the external pulse of our lives with all its demands with regards to family, work, fitness, social life and more. Few of us have learned to listen to our own heartbeat.
To restore the balance in our lives, we need to spend time reconnecting to our inner pulse and find ways to express it and give it the space it deserves in our external lives.
This process of inward listening and working with our existing lives is one of cooperation. We call it co-creating, using existing resources and our current situation in life to begin to create what matters. 

INNERPULSE – 40 years exploring and teaching the benefits of music, meditative states of flow, trance induced by music, artistic creation, mindfulness, meditation, and relaxation techniques. Coaching professionals to find their voice, meaning and purpose, and to perform at top level. Coaching individuals and groups how to deal with stressful situations, managing anxiety, health issues, and change, and reframe crises in a positive manner to enhance professional life, health and create meaning.

Member of the Basel Health and Wellness Coalition and Holistic Health Practitioners Switzerland

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