Create what matters

Are you onto a project and don’t know how to finish it?
Would you like to take time for a change of direction in your life… and
get emotional and practical support?
In a group of like-minded people and the help of an experienced creator?



 We are all creators...

Every moment of our lives we create new cells in our bodies, we initiate, react and decide, thus creating our lives, our health, our business and work of art. with life

i.e. circumstances, existing resources and some form of universla intelligence. Co-creating is about getting in the game and doing your part to manifest your desires, meet your goals or plan out your future. Of course, you can create something without your life a syour "partner", but it will be a much longer and more difficult journey.                                                

Based on 40 years experience, insights and exploration of creation as a professional musician/ composer and artist, teaching and coaching, I've set up this series of workshops to help you birth whatever you want to create in your life, anything from a work of art, a new business to a more meaningful life.


Your secret potential,      2 Co-creating with life     3  Bringing your creation into the world.

Each of these (a) has two follow-ups, the first after 3 months (b), and another one after 6 months (c) to ensure sustainability and implementation into your daily life. This will enable a profound change, supported by mental, practical and emotional support to go through with your project.

You will team up with one or more sparring partners to keep you going during this process.

Next cycle will start in September 2018. You can only book the entire cacle of 9 workshops.

The Training can only be booked as a whole with all 3 parts, i.e. 9 workshops. No money refunded if you miss a workshop, but you'll receive worksheets, videos and webinars to keep going within your group.


990.- CHF 


Zürich or Zürich area

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