Are you fed up with the same old routine day in and day out?
Do you want to lead a more meaningful life and
gain a new perspective on things?

I will help you
find your own answers to burning questions and
lead a life that feels connected with who you really are

This coaching in an open and supportive atmosphere assists you in finding your way to a meaningful life, to discovering your calling, and will enable you to implement your insights into your daily life. You will get a chance to recognize how "perfect" you and your life are. 


 Aspects we cover 

Assessment of your current situation
Help in taking decisions
Living your essence
  • What is essential in my life?
  • What do I wish to express and bring into the world?
  • What really touches and inspires me?
  • Spirit und mysticism in everyday life
Meditation and other sources of support 
  • Guided inner journeys
  • Images as means of communication with spirit and bearers of information 
  • Recognizing signs and decoding them
  • Personal helpers - finding people, places, energies that are helpful
The spirit of things
Mystics claim that all living beings, including plants, have a spirit. Modern phyiscs call these spirits "morphogenetic field",
and I will venture even further, claiming that families, teams and places also have a spirit.
I will show you how to tap into these fields and communicate with these "spirits" to obtain information, to guide you and energize your life.
  No preliminary knowledge required. An open mind and willingness to experiment are welcome.


The spirit coaching with Tessa is the best thing I've ever done.

A client from Lucerne