Teambuilding Workshops

We customize group events, processes and courses, according to your teams' needs, focusing on that aspect, which you wish to develop, cultivate or enhance. e.g. Joining up of teams, friction or stress in your team, changes in the team or differences with the team leader, quality management or reorientation. 


Here are some standard courses:

Creating a work of art together

taking photos individually 
... and putting it all together to create one piece of art.

We will take time to reflect and comtemplate the works of art, to understand the process and the imagery: what it tells us about each individual, the group and how they fit together. 


The Spirit of your Team

Together we explore what the spirit of your team looks like, identify its shape, its character etc., as perceived by each individual and then we will draw/paint it. (No prior painting experience required).

In a group process we will bring the images together, phantasize about what "the spirit" needs, how it (re)acts, what it wants - as if it were a real being. This will reveal hidden or unconscious aspects of the team and give you the necessary tools to make changes, that are required or desirable.