Art Coaching

You've always wanted to paint, set up your own business,
...but haven't known how to go about it? 
You're onto a (creative) project...
and don't know how to finish it?

As a professional artist, writer and musician I will help you get started, support you with your own creative project and teach you about creativity in general, in a safe and caring environment.
We will look at your unique way of expressing yourself, what keeps you from doing so and tap into personal sources of inspiration.

Here are some of the aspects we will cover:

Getting creativity to flow 

- relaxing and phantasizing
- associating freely
- trying something new

Developing your own individual creative expression

- by expressing yourself with your voice, movement, painting and writing
- by working on your own project
- finding your own sources of inspiration

Dealing with inner and outer obstacles

- putting aside the inner critic
- creating distance and letting go/stepping out
- visualizing

For individuals and small groups.


Through her support and this course, I have been able to come far in my artistic projects. The course has been so motivating and uplifting. Tessa manages to balance emotional and spiritual aspects of creativity with practical knowledge and technical skill. I look forward to it every week!

Dawn, Japan


I was very grateful for the art consultation as you made me analyze deeply things about myself, especially why painting is so important to me and what I want to express in my art.
I think you helped me reach my goals in finishing my webpage and also being more focused in my art.

Marika, Finnland