Words with ripple effects

The power of words and sound to manifest -

in business and in communicating with clients

We can use words to build or destroy, to empower or weaken. We can use words to get across who we are, what we do and how we do it. 

Another aspect of words is their sound. The world, according to our great religious traditions, was created through word-sound. The use of your voice as a positive instrument is certainly worth exploring. I have actually helped people get a job by enabling them to use their voices in a different way.


Communicating with clients as a coach or consultant 

  • Do you sometimes feel at a loss for the right words when communicating information or advice?
  • How can you translate the information you're giving, in order to empower your client, to help them get through a difficult situation?
  • Are you aware of self-fulfilling prophecies when you talk to your clients?
  • What are you feeling towards your client? Are you aware of your emotions?
  • Have you ever experienced how the tone of somebody's voice can put you off? Are you aware of how you sound and how the sound fo your voice can empower, calm, inspire others?


The power of words to build a successful business

  • Are you wanting to build your business? And don't know how to communicate what you do?
  • Do you need help with writing powerful and engaging texts for your marketing materials?
  • People love stories. What is yours?
  • Explore and understand your own story and then learn to convey it to readers, listeners and future clients.



You will come away with with the necessary tools

  • to enhance your positive communication with clients, making them feel empowered and coming back for more
  • for marketing
  • with texts that wil help you get more of the right clients
  • learning to present yourself and your business
  • your own particular approach/branding
  • knowing your strengths and how to use and promote them
  • and you'll be able to implement what you've learned to boost sales and customer satisfaction