About me

Tessa Richter

Growing up in various cultures, with different languages, I became a wanderer between worlds early on. As a teenager, I found a kind of inner home in classical music, which led me to become a musician. During my studies in Basel and Boston, however, and during the course of my international career as a performer and teacher, I found myself to be losing some of this sense of connectedness and belonging.

Thus, on my return from Boston to Zürich, I again turned inside, wanting to find more of my own expression than was possible in the given structures of classical music. I wanted to explore what was already there, inside me, waiting to be uncovered. And find out how to connect to creativity, inspiration and what Jung calls the collective unconscious, or modern physics "The Field". With a minimum of courses to acquire the necessary technical skills, I became a professional artist, and exhibited in Switzerland and abroad. After giving up performing as a musician, I was finally ready to improvise/compose my own music. I published 3 CDs with music that enduces other states of consciousness, incorporating classical, mediative, trance and ethnic elements. 

My experience of other states of consciousness in music and art, together with pain I was experiencing as a result of several accidents I had as a teenager, launched my quest for inspiration, spirit and meaning in a modern world. This took me to India, Nepal and the Native Americans, where I experienced how culture and cult are linked together. I delved into different states of consciousness through meditation, shamanistic trance and body work, and found modern physics as a basis  to connect the mystical East and the rational, technically oriented West. I also discovered the power of images, colours, symbols and sounds.

Starting out, originally, in search of inspiration in music, I found that spirit is everywhere, not just in art. If we invite it into our lives, it will guide us, inspire us and make our lives worthwhile.

I have been passing on my knowledge and experience, teaching and coaching for the past 30 years, both in private and in institutions, in Switzerland and abroad.


Read more about my journey and my insights in my book "The Intelligence of the Universe in a Coffee Cup"

Listen to my music and have a look at my paintings and sculptures


Teaching Diploma SMPV Basel
Master of Arts, Boston University, with Flbright Scholarship
Elected Member of Pi Kappa Lambda, Music Honour Society USA
Internal Career Coach training at OTP 
Certified by Career Partners International
Certified trainer and coach for Leaders empowered 
GPI certified training for applied coaching
Heartmath facilitator