Releasing your creation into the world

This process is much like parenting: after birthing and raising your creation into a „grown-up“, it's time to let it go out into the world, and find its place. Like children, there will be some who still need your full attention and financial support, while others are ready to earn their own money or do voluntary work.

In a practical sense it will be about marketing and presenting. On a more basic level, it's learning about the concept of „the field“ . Through the field, in modern quantum physics, everything and every being is interconnected.





You now know who you are, and perhaps who you are not. Loving who you are is the greatest key in unlocking the accesses to your full potential. It is the fuel that will keep you going when faced with obstacles, fear or criticism.

Exercises and practice in self-love and self-empowerment. Also, listening to music can hlep us connect to spirit, to open our hearts and feel empowered.

We will take a look at what keeps us from loving who we are, both in our personal lives and in our society in general.

And we will find the key, the form of love that accesses unconditional love for us. There are different forms of love: compassion, forgiveness, gratitude. We will allow energies of love to help unclog blocked channels of creation, so we can move froward to what really matters.



Projects and creations are like children: they have their own minds, their own inherent nature and timing. When we talk about co-creating with life, this also applies to co-creating with your project. Learn to listen, to hear its inner pulse.

There's always a good reason why your project isn't moving forward. Perhaps you need to rethink the nature of your project and make some alterations. Perhaps you're missing an important bit of information, the time isn't quite right, or somebody else needs to come on board etc.

And then, even though you're planning something specific, an idea, a project comes into your life that is different from what you had planned, but wants to be delivered immediately. Allow for it to happen.

Allow it to take you to unknown territory.



True magic happens when inner and outer pulse come together. Success comes with timing. What is the quality of the current time? What is life asking of you? Are you in sync?

When we co-create real magic happens, things fall into place miracoulously in ways we could never imagined in our wildest dreams.

It is now time to start thinking about marketing your project. The most powerful tool for marketing is your story. What is your story?

And time to build a network of like-minded people to support you. People who know about the creative process and its stumbing blocks, who have been there and who believe in you.



What you're creating is like a baby that you will acompany into adulthood until it is grown up. You will not only need help at birth, but as it is growing up. Just as having a baby is a life-changing experience that challenges you in unpredictable ways, so is the creative process: it takes you to the limit, and beyond. Many people fail at this stage of creating what matters, because of lack of support, and not knowing what it takes. Getting together with other „mothers“, i.e. creators, can be crucial at this stage.

During these follow-ups, you will be encouraged and supported emotionally and practically. Each time will have a specific focus, as well as a general opportunity to share and empower each other.

A After 1 month

We will begin to from a long-term strategy and begin to look at how to communicate your creation to people around you, your network and larger network. Where applicable, we will begin to prepare marketing materials.

B After 3 months

Special focus is on re-evaluating how far you've come and what needs to be changed, re-directed and moved forward. Do you have all the tools and resources needed?

C After 6 months

Time to leave the nest. Are you ready? Final touches. Have you reached the moon yet? Have you gone beyond? Where can you imagine yourself flying to from here?


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